The Magic of Fonts


Idlewild An industrious sans
serif that evokes space-age optimism, Idlewild is
spare and tranquil,
speaking in hushed but captivating tones.
Ideal Sans 

Ideal Sans A handmade
typeface for a machine-made age. Ideal Sans avoids
the easy pursuit of
digital perfection, and favors organic forms that make
it warm and


Forza Succinct geometries
make for an expressive type family that’s ardent,
disciplined, shrewd,
and commanding. In twelve styles, from the crisp Thin to
the powerhouse

Vitesse Engineered for
responsive handling and a sporty ride, Vitesse is a
twenty-first century
slab serif that’s agile, steady, confident and suave. Six
weights from
Thin to Black, each with a matching italic.


Whitney Signage fonts favor
clarity, editorial ones demand space-efficiency.
Our Whitney family
tackles both challenges — and now features extensions
into the Greek and
Cyrillic alphabets, covering more than
200 languages worldwide.


Tungsten Smart, tough, and
sexy, Tungsten is that rarest of species: the compact
and sporty sans
serif that’s not only muscular but stylish. Four styles, each of
disarming instead of pushy — not just loud, but persuasive.


Sentinel For everyone who
wishes Clarendons had italics, and everyone whose
favorite slab serif is
shy a few weights: Sentinel is a fresh take on a lovely and
historical style, a thoughtful and complete family that’s serviceable
both text and display.

  Gotham Narrow, Extra Narrow & Condensed 2.

Gotham Narrow, Extra Narrow & Condensed 2.
Every designer has admired
the no-nonsense letters of the urban
environment. From these humble beginnings
comes Gotham, a hard-working
typeface for the ages —
now featuring 46 new styles!


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