Designing for Mobile Devices

mobile web design A look into: Designing for Mobile Devices

When the first iPhone was released it took the tech world by storm. Since then it has been almost 5 years and the smartphone market has ramped up in popularity, with even the Microsoft has gotten into the competition with its Windows 7 OS and partners. With so many Internet users on their smartphone nowadays, it’s common sense to expect the number of mobile website to increase aggressively.

However, designing for the mobile web is a completely different operation with common web design. Our websites are designed for huge screen, but the smartphone’s screen size is way too small compared to that, thus leading to annoying usability issues. New design standards and practices are greatly required for a better mobile site design with smooth user experience.
In this guide we’ll be looking to design a user-friendly site for smartphone’s mobile browsers. I will be talking about the best practices and useful developer tool for you to design a better mobile website, so let’s get into it after jump!


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